Ebendorferstraße 7
1010 Vienna
T +43 1 534 08 - 800
F +43 1 534 08 - 899

OeAD Housing Office (WohnraumverwaltungsGmbH)

The OeAD-GmbH is a 100% proprietor of the OeAD Housing Office (OeAD-WohnraumverwaltungsGmbH). The OeAD Housing Offices provides flats and rooms in student halls of residence for OeAD scholarship holders, Erasmus students, visiting professors as well as guests in Vienna and in the other federal provinces.

The aim is on one hand to achieve the best possible utilization of capacities and on the other hand – as a service organisation – to guarantee that the scholarship holders, visiting professors and other guests are as satisfied as possible with the accommodation provided.

The OeAD Housing Office has more than 100 flats and more than 2100 places in student halls of residence available in single and double rooms in Vienna.

These rooms and flats are available all year round; in summer (July to September) free capacities (for up to 100 people in one building, centrally located, excellent infrastructure, cooking facilities, etc.) are available for summer courses, congresses and various other events.

Staff members

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