Entry into Austria

Please note

  • before travelling to Austria: the legal regulations pertaining to foreign nationals regarding visas and residence permits
  • after arriving in Austria: the regulations concerning registering at your place of residence

Click on the category of persons you belong to and you will find detailed information about the respective entry or residence requirements:

EU/EEA countries

Belgium Great Britain Luxembourg Sweden
Bulgaria Ireland Malta Slowakia
Denmark Island Netherlands Slowenia
Germany Italy Norway Spain
Estonia Croatia Austria Czech Republic
Finland Latvia Poland Hungary
France Liechtenstein Portugal Cyprus
Greece Lithuania Romania Switzerland

Please read the information on our homepage first!

If you have any further questions about entry requirements and procedures for foreign nationals please contact

  • Don´t forget to state your nationality, the purpose of your stay and the intended duration of your stay in Austria in your enquiry.
  • Please note that we do only answer enquiries about the entry and residence regulations related to studying, teaching or undertaking research in Austria

Attention: We cannot enquire or intervene on your behalf with the Austrian authorities!

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